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Wiwek Asom Vipassana Meditation Centre

MEANING OF NAME: "Quiet dwelling place" ALSO SPELLED: Vivekasrom Vipassana Meditation Center

ADDRESS: Tambon Ban Suan, Ampher Muang, Chonburi 20000


DIRECTIONS: Located just outside Chonburi on the road to Ban Bung.  Buses leave frequently from Bangkok's Eastern (Ekamai) Bus Terminal for the one-hour trip.  Get off at Ban Bung intersection in Chonburi, then walk or take a samlor to the meditation centre.

TELEPHONE:(038) 283-766

MEDITATION SYSTEM: Vipassana based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness as described in the Buddha's satipatthana suttas.  The techniques of Mahasi Sayadaw are used.  The meditator establishes concentration on the rise and fall of the abdomen; mental noting helps focus attention on bodily sensations and mind objects as they come into consciousness.  Sitting periods alternate with walking.

TEACHING METHOD: Daily interviews with the teacher

TEACHERS: Phra Ajahn Asabha (Dhamma Chariya) (Burmese; age 79)
                       Phra Ajahn Charlee Jaruvanno (Thai; age 54)
                       Phra Ajahn Pramuan (Thai; age 60)


LANGUAGE: Phra Ajahn Asabha speaks only Thai and Burmese, but a translator can be arranged.  The other teaching monks speak some English.

DESCRIPTION: Shaded, fairly quiet location on the edge of Chonburi.  Simple, modern architecture.  Kutis are fairly close together.  Separate living and practice areas for men and women.

SIZE: monks: 30-60
           novices: 3-7
           nuns: 20-30
           laypeople: 20-30

DAILY ROUTINE: Meditators practice in meditation halls or in rooms according to their own schedule.  Continuity of practice is stressed.  Everyone is encouraged to meditate 20 hours a day.  One should avoid socializing, reading, and leaving the centre during one's stay.


FOOD:Very good quality and variety.  Monks and novices go on pindabat, then eat mindfully in their kutis.  Laypeople can eat in the kitchen or take food to their rooms.  A simple breakfast is served early morning, then the main meal in late morning.  Laypeople can arrange for food, including vegetarian, to be ordered from shops and delivered to the centre.

ACCOMMODATIONS:Individual rooms or kutis with screens, electricity, and Thai-style bathrooms with running water.

WRITE IN ADVANCE?: Recommended. All rooms may be occupied during the Rains Retreat and some other periods.

ORDINATION:Not available

OTHER INFORMATION: One should come with the intention of staying at least 2 weeks.  Meditators follow the 8 precepts but may, if needed for health reasons, take food after mid-day.  Phra Ajahn Asabha came to Thailand in 1953, after the Thai government extended an invitation to the Burmese government to send vipassana teachers.  Please visit other links such as  



Reference: Bill Weir, A guide to Buddhist Monasteries and Meditation centres in Thailand, 3rd ed., The World Fellowship of Buddhism, 1991

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