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Wat Sanghathan International Meditation Center

ADDRESS: Bangphai, Muang, Nonthaburi 11000, Thailand
TELEPHONE : +66(2)447-0799 ext. 117 or +66(2)447-0800 ext. 117
FAX : +66(2)447-2784


DIRECTIONS: From Bangkok take "Chao Phraya Express Boat" to Nonthaburi. Cross the river with the ferry and take the red pick-up truck (the last one in the row) to WAT SANGHATHAN.


MEDITATION SYSTEM: Meditation based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, Mindfulness with breathing and other methods as taught in the Tripitaka (Scriptures).

TEACHING METHOD: New arrivals are provided with instructions, then interviews are given as needed. There is group sitting and walking Meditation .


TEACHERS: Acharn Sanong Katapunyo, Abbot (Thai; age 61)

LANGUAGE: Acharn Sanong speaks English; a few monks and nuns speak English and help with translations.

DESCRIPTION: The Centre covers about 50 acres of land near the Chao Phraya River. Many trees and ponds make it a beautiful place in nature very near to Bangkok.

SIZE:  monks: 100-300 

            novices: 10 - 300 (when school holiday in April) 

            nuns: 30  

            layperson: 40 Ė 100 


FOOD:  Good quality and variety Thai food is offered at 9.30 at the buffet, some vegetarian dishes are available.


ACCOMMODATIONS: Laypeople stay in their own rooms or in dormitories. Womens- and menís-areas are separated.


WRITE IN ADVANCE?: This is recommended if you want to participate a course at "WAT THAMKRISSANA DHAMMARAM" Meditation Centre, OUR BRANCH IN Khao Yai.

ORDINATION: One can request to ordain as a monk or novice. One must practise as ordained layperson (Phra Kao) for some time before ordination.


OTHER INFORMATION: WAT SANGHATHAN does not charge you for your stay. However donations are welcome to support the temples running costs.


Reference:  Information from Mae Chee Schrottenbacher Brigitte

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